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Curiously conspicuous jewellery designer, Ineke Otte

Ineke Otte is one of the most curiously conspicuous characters in the world of contemporary costume jewellery design. She’s not so well known in the UK, but her designs are featured in museums throughout other parts of Europe and, in September 2009, she received an award at the Bijorhca exhibition for ‘most unique, trendy, colourful, fantasy fashion jewellery’ . Some of her pieces were even selected to illustrate the jewellery fair’s forthcoming 2010 advertising campaign (see below).  A selection of quirky and colourful designs from her latest  collection, featuring rats, frogs and goldfish is now available at ShopCurious.

Although Ineke trained as a textile designer some 30 years ago, she says she is largely self-taught. She progressed from textile design to sculpture – using wood, copper, gold leaf and steel. She started designing jewellery around 25 years ago and, last year, she published a book featuring her many collections over the years. She says that jewellery is a “continuous thread” in her life. The inspiration for Ineke’s designs comes almost exclusively from one subject – nature.

As a naturally curious person, Ineke likes to experiment with unusual forms and materials – and is particularly concerned with how her jewellery ‘feels’ when worn: the effects on the wearer are important to her. Her blackberry necklace and earrings, for instance, not only look, but feel like the genuine thing. Needless to say, her typical customer is someone who’s a little bit different from the wider audience.

Ineke is currently working with a new technique called ‘rapid prototyping’ - she loves trying out new techiniques and materials. She claims that she is able to “scoop up ideas from a perpetually bubbling source of inspiration” and that she’s got “unbridled energy” when it comes to her work. Her aim is to create “modern, easy to wear, extraordinary ornaments.”

Ineke loves visiting the V&A Museum and the Tate Modern in London. She professes that these are her favourite places in the world. If she could sit next to anyone at dinner, it would have to be Madonna, “it would be very nice if somebody could arrange that,” she says.

Her dream is to sell her collections in museums all over the world. Well, I suppose you could call ShopCurious an online museum - it certainly seems like the perfect place for such curiously arty accessories.

Thanks Ineke.