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Invisi Visor: Stylish PPE that Scores on Practicality and Performance

When I first tried out the Invisi Visor, I wondered if it was “the most curiously cool PPE ever?” I love the design, with its cute cutout heart motif, the clarity of the instructions, and the ease with which it can be assembled. Best of all it is almost invisible – hence the name – meaning it matches any outfit, which is naturally important to me.

In view of the sleek styling of this piece of personal protective kit, it is hardly surprising the product designers at Mannequino are seasoned graduates of the Royal College of Art. They produce the visors at a small workshop in Cambridgeshire. Made from recyclable plastic with no staples, Invisi Visors come flat packed in eco-friendly cardboard packaging, and are available in adult and child sizes. The product is sturdy and reusable, and the visor plastic can be washed at temperatures of up to 70 degrees centigrade.

Designer Kelly Sant says, “we rely on the human face for trust, confidence and friendship, at work as well as socially,” which is why the Invisi Visor is such a great idea for those looking to continue operating as near normal as possible in these uncharted times of COVID-19.

I thought the functionality should be tested on a medical professional, so I asked my friend Dr Maxton Pitcher to try out the Invisi Visor. Max is a Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist at St Marks, part of Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow. During the COVID crisis, he has appeared widely on television and in the press, not because of his undoubted medical prowess, but after he serenaded a nursing colleague who successfully recovered from Coronavirus following a serious 4-week battle with the disease. Multi-talented, and bursting with positive energy, Max is also an accomplished violinist, as you can hear from his superb rendition of Ave Maria. 

Doctors need to be able to fit goggles, or in Max’s case, spectacles, as well as masks, under their visors, and this one has plenty of room whilst still providing exceptional coverage around the sides of the face. When I discussed the visor with Max, he seemed more concerned that he could play his fiddle whilst wearing the visor too. As it happened, he was pleasantly surprised by the amount of movement available to him, and the ability to see through the visor clearly.

Whatever your concern, the Invisi Visor is a great option for all round protection and comfort. Now available at ShopCurious, we are offering visors for the same delivery charge whether you buy one item or a box of 6 - so please consider this sensible option for possibly the most stylish piece of PPE you will find on the market.

Will you?

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