The original online curiosity shop for slow fashion, vintage clothing, unique accessories, arty gifts, handcrafted homeware and unusual retro finds. 

First launched in 2008, ShopCurious is for the Curious Cognoscenti - polymaths, who explore the history, provenance, art, craft and philosophy behind the products they buy.

We aim to make shopping a slower, more inspiring and educational experience. 

Do you want to find beautiful things that feed your curiosity?

Are you concerned about sustainability issues surrounding fashion manufacturing and consumption? 

Do you appreciate vintage, upcycled and handcrafted clothes, collectable curiosities and the stories behind them? 

Do you want to invest in slow style, eco-friendly and unusual gifts that will be loved for years to come? 

Are you enlightened enough to shop curiously?  

Join us for a refreshingly unique, slow retail experience.

Will you?