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Vintage Gifts for a Sustainable Future

I’m curious to know if your consumption habits have changed this Christmas? Will you be buying more locally produced presents, visiting charity shops to find preloved gifts, and/or sourcing vintage items online? 

Imagine if every purchase you made had a positive impact not just on the economy, but also on the environment. We’d like to suggest some consciously cool gifts for your friends and family that will contribute to a more sustainable future. 

For the Collector

How about an alternative Christmas jumper? For vintage Biba fans, we’ve the ultimate selection of late 1960s and early '70s knitwear.

Tea towels are popular gifts, but why buy new when you can find unused vintage gems like this Biba commemorative tea towel from the 1993 exhibition at Newcastle's Tyne & Wear Museum.

For the Coffee Connoisseur

Vintage ceramics are the ultimate gift for the coffee connoisseur. If you are looking for a really special gift, and are able to splash out, this curiously colourful mid-century modern Vallauris coffee set is one of the most stylish available. If your budget is slightly more limited, there’s an equally stylish, but cheaper set available too. Or how about a collectable designer vintage coffee mug? 

For the Fashion Conscious Man

Being fashion conscious today involves being aware of our carbon footprint and the impact our clothing and accessory purchases have on the planet. 

Eco-friendly, pre-worn gifts such as vintage silk scarves and mid-century modern cufflinks are not only appreciated for their characterful individuality, but also help towards creating a circular economy. 

For the Fashion Conscious Woman 

Our collaborative partners are chosen because they share our ethical and environmentally conscious ideals. Check out the selection of bags and cuffs from Kyomai, who create accessories using vintage Japanese textiles in conjunction with French couture craftsmanship. 

For lovers of French fashion and Emily in Paris, these Paris Eiffel Tower earrings would make the perfect gift. 

For the Eco-Activist 

Gain the respect of your eco-warrior friends by encouraging them to grow their own food and oxygen supply with gifts like the Grow Green grow bag, or this glass terrarium on a mango wood base.

For the Crafty

With fluctuating climate conditions, you never know when a power cut is around the corner. Candles are useful in many situations, not least in providing a gently flickering background glow, or a relaxing pleasantly scented ambiance. The Wax and Wick Scented Candle Making Kit will keep your curiously creative friends busy, and will ultimately produce a genuinely useful gift. 

Dressmakers and anyone with a sewing machine may prefer to receive a piece of fabric with provenance. We’ve a selection of vintage Biba textiles ready for up-cycling into new garments, cushions, tote bags, or anything the recipient's imagination and handcrafting skills will allow.  

For the Curious

Anyone curious will enjoy trying to work out the meaning and symbolism of a curiosity like this 1970s Biba Black Locust Brooch. Or why not challenge your friends’ curiosity about design with this Scandi style mid-century modern bag?

There’s so much to choose from that is already in circulation, surely you don’t intend buying anything new this Christmas…

Do you?

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