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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Sustainable Style

Will you be buying a Valentine gift this year? Even if you don’t have someone special to share the occasion with, we’d like to suggest some curiously cool vintage gifts and sustainable pampering products that you might want to buy for yourself.  

The basis on which our gifts have been chosen is that they are either vintage, made from recycled materials and/or are recyclable, or they are manufactured to be sustainable and reused. Above all, they are useful items that you will be able to keep forever, or will be able to recycle in the future. 

Sustainable Gifts

First up is an eco-yoga mat by Planet Warrior. Made from natural rubber that is 100% recyclable, this features a pretty tropical motif, printed with planet friendly water based inks. 

Lovers of vintage jewellery will appreciate these heart pendants made from pieces of found glass, ceramics and metal, skilfully upcycled by renowned artist and craftswoman, Annie Sherburne. Every piece is unique. 

Vintage Gifts

Those seeking something curiously characterful may opt for a retro gift like a quirky mid-century modern 1970s cruet set, or a pair of vintage Wedgwood glass lovebird paperweights.


If your budget allows, why not invest in something collectable, like this fabulous Lady Penelope pink Olympia Monica Typewriter with a matching carrying case. Or a pair of vintage YSL Eiffel Tower earrings, evoking Paris - the city of love. 

Pampering Gifts

We’ve also a selection of sustainable pampering products, suitable for all genders, including organic and vegan magic masks in gold, miracle and radiant glow, made with a natural alternative to retinol (which some people are allergic to). They’re presented in an attractive ‘love’ themed box, and are now on sale too, as are the organic and vegan Pomegranate Perfection body wash and lotion. 


Your man will love our Wildly Fresh organic vegan body care duo, or refillable Harvest Moon hair and body wash

Or pamper your yourself or your bestie with a ‘Love’ organic vegan perfume gift box, or a ‘Forever’ organic vegan perfume spray - a powerful scent of Jasmine with fruity, woody undertones, handmade in small batches in Great Britain.

The scent is said to promote relaxation, yet also prompt passion… 

Will you?

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