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Arty accessories: bags as design art

The growing demand for unique accessories, combined with the current focus on collecting art and design has resulted in the latest curious trend - bags that are works of collectable design art. The larger the bag, the better, as oversized bags provide a bigger canvas for designers to customize with quirky trimmings, found objects and street art inspired painting effects:

This collection of individually hand embellished bags was seen at a trade fair in Paris. Each has been created by a different designer, using the same basic white canvas bag as a starting point.

Key elements include:

Tassels, pom-poms, frills, rosettes, toys. badges, hand painting, graffiti, cartoon style designs and ribbon streamers.

The designs pick up on themes currently running through the design world, including morbid anatomy, collectable trophies, DIY design, junky styling and upcycling (one of the bags looks to be made with used coffee filter papers).

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