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Curiosity headwear: Party headdresses and vintage inspired headpieces

Headdresses are the new fascinators and over the coming year they’re likely to be appearing everywhere from fashion shows and festivals to parties and dressy events. Here are some ideas of what to look out for:

Designer headdresses in floral or feathered in showgirl/burlesque style - like these headpieces by Piers Atkinson, Tatty Divine and J Smith Esquire:

Chain mail Paco Rabanne (above top) style headgear is also likely to be popular, like this headdress by Anne Marie Elorza.

Futuristic sculptural head forms will be seen too – examples here by Noel Stewart and Hannah Truran. 
Antique ethnic headwear is likely to become highly sought after. Think Sumatran wedding: 
And here’s how the look is worn:
Native American Indian style Mohawk feather headdresses will be more popular than ever - example below from specialist designer/maker, Paradise Gypsies.
Another option is the homemade headdress. These can be pieced together from recycled finds, like this version spotted in the window of Distractions, a vintage shop in San Francisco.


By Paradise Gypsies on 09/11/2012 16:36:33

Thank you for including our mohawk headdress!! Fascinating article...have loved your site for years too, so happy to be mentioned!! Thank you, Kim - Paradise Gypsies

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