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Modern mosaics

As traditional architectural detailing is restored to its former glory, classical mosaic designs are making a comeback in interiors and home accessories, and antique mosaic artefacts are becoming increasingly sought after. Whilst emulating the style of original mosaics from the past, many of the newer designs take on an inventive new twist.

The work of mosaic restoration is highly skilled. Craftsmen recently renovating the historic floor in the sculpture gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum said they had trained for seven years to carry out their work.

Mosaic floor tiles can easily be overlooked as eyes are not naturally drawn to the floor of a building. Mosaic floors are often seen in 19th century museums, department stores, restaurants and other public buildings. Here are some examples from London’s National Portrait Gallery, the Royal College of Art, Peter Jones Department store, Anthropologie’s store in the King’s Road and the Mini Palais in Paris. London’s Criterion Brasserie is a particularly fine example of a mosaic interior.

The mosaic theme has inspired modern interiors designers. Ceramic tiled walls are regaining popularity, especially in bathrooms, and luxury interior designers such as Bisazza are turning walls into stunning works of art. Natural materials from mother of pearl to traditional Moroccan style ceramics are favoured over man made substances. In their efforts to promote such interior finishes, design houses are turning their displays into mosaic art installations.

Modern mosaic accessories have been spotted at art exhibitions and trade fairs, like the DIY Love China kit by Cleo Mussi at the Saatchi Gallery’s Collect Show and work by French designer-maker, Isabelle Boutalliat Cobbalt. RCA graduate Jonathan Joubert’s Glassbaby mixed media work also makes creative use of the mosaic.

Seven gauge studios offer a modern take on the mosaic, with a retro feel to their knitwear designs – like these cushions:

Moroccan style filigree mosaic lamps have been seen at Liberty.

Somewhat more tongue-in-cheek, are these pizza and postage stamp mosaic portraits of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, as compiled by the curiously creative blogger, Lenore Nevermore.

Perhaps they’re inspired by the intricate mosaic embellishment of Faberge eggs from the Royal Collection?

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