Curious Trends


Mystery, shadow, outlines and reflections in fashion and accessories

When everyone has been totally shocked and when everything has already been said and done in public, via social networking and the media, what else is left? Curiosity. The curiosity factor (mystery fabrics, shadowy outlines, unknown designers, hidden detail and secret suppliers) is likely to matter more than anything else, as the whole world becomes privy to ‘the next big thing’ the very instant it’s thought up. And we’ll be seeing much more of the mysterious, as curious secrets from fashion’s future are unveiled over the coming years.

We’ve already caught some reflections of the shadowy world of fashion that’s to come from the catwalk (more like cat burglar) shows and installations over the past year.

Fabric folds, how light falls on them, and garment outlines, are key to the coming season’s most curious trends. As far as textiles are concerned, think parachute fabric, natural wool and linen folds and billowing silk and chiffon.

Don’t even consider unnatural materials, unless they’re computer generated – and recyclable too, like Niam Josefi’s Melonia shoe. Just think of the shadows these shoes would cast.

And keep a look out for future developments in jewellery design – necklaces by Clare Knox-Bentham and rings by Polly Horwich have a computer generated feel that is actually handcrafted.

Innovative designer Sruli Recht’s forthcoming collection is called Cast by Shadows. A taste of what’s to come:

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