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Outline furniture and lighting

Uncomfortable looking home furnishings need to be tried and tested before they become mainstream, but there’s no doubt that outline furniture and lighting has made a big impact at design and interiors trade fairs over the past year. The reflections and shadows cast by framework-based designs are certainly intriguing, in keeping with the current fascination for anything that has the curiosity factor.

Multi-purpose furniture that would work equally well indoors or outdoors also key to this trend – for instance, garden chairs that can be taken from the patio to the dining table.

Neon lighting from Charlie Sekers (sbove top and below) and Samuel Wilkinson’s Decode lamps (also below) have a raw, yet futuristic, edge.

Outline lampshades in traditional materials like wood (Wambamboo tectonic), skin (by Pepe Hayhoop) and basic metal (Donna Walker and others) are rapidly becoming the norm in designer circles.

Expect to see more outline furniture, room dividers and artwork - like these pieces by Clare Knox-Bentham - and Pure Evil's Neon Pig (below):


By ShopCurious on 01/05/2013 08:39:11

Hi megs, apologies for the omission of a credit - the chairs are by Jan Plechac and Henry Wielgus you can find them at

By megs on 29/04/2013 10:04:45

HiI just wondered where the outline louis chair is from.thanks

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