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Regency Rococo revolution: musically inspired clothing and accessories

Trend spotters may have noticed the introduction of 18th century musical influences in fashion and accessories. These range from the use of musical notation on fabrics and surfaces, to the employment of musical instruments as fashion accessories on catwalks.

This trend is typified by the designs of French label, les Chats Perche, whose Paris boutique also reflects elements of late baroque style. 

Their women’s collection includes Regency style Empire Line dresses, featuring lots of lace - with frock coats, tight trousered breeches and cravats for men. Violins are played on their video and appear on the catwalk alongside their designs.

Classical Rococo inspiration is also seen in accessories design.The SS2011 footwear collection from up-and-coming London based designer, Joanne Stoker, combines inspiration from her travels to Havana and Cuba into a ‘future Rococo collection’. Described as “decadent period style with a fun modernistic twist” the shoes in this range include “hot pink, true blue and acid lime in soft pleated suede and sculptured Perspex, juxtaposed with the curvaceously ornate and playful elements of late baroque elegance.” Her musically inspired designs are "quirky yet romantic, with the artful use of a harp and treble clef."

In jewellery, musical instruments have become the focus of collections, like the handmade French horn and musical note charm necklaces by Japanese designer, Miwako Yoshioko for Bark. And antique Rococo style lace fans are fast becoming the latest must-have fashion accessory.

Aside from the Regency romance, musical manuscript will start to appear increasingly on fabrics and fashions. This curious shirt, made using real manuscript paper, spent a long time in the window of one of Oxfam’s London charity shops.

Musicans, such as P J Harvey, are also opting for quirky, antiquated style in their choice of musical instruments and dress:

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