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The curious psychology of fashion and six secrets of timeless style

The curious psychology of fashion:

Are you influenced by the media and the ‘latest trends’ when deciding which clothes to buy? Unfortunately, many of us are genuinely scared by the ‘f’ word – the ‘f’ being 'fashion', by the way. Rather than making our own preferred choice of clothes and accessories, we worry about what we read in magazines and watch on the television and we end up becoming victims of the curious demands of the fashion industry.

‘Style tips’, in particular, can be very disempowering, since they assume we’re not sufficiently able to know our own mind when it comes to choosing what to wear. Huge outpourings of style advice appear from all forms of media every day. What all of these are doing is undermining our confidence and our basic ability to think for ourselves. The sheer volume of the output from so called experts can make us feel totally and utterly confused.

Fashion is fickle, but dressing up can be great fun - and the way you style yourself says something about you. What's more, it’s not illegal to wear something that offends others’ sense of style and taste. In fact, just walk down the street and look at the clothes people are wearing. Some people don’t make any effort to dress up at all and others are so worried about what the press say, and what others think, that they end up wearing things that they neither look nor feel entirely comfortable in.

We’d like to share some secrets to help free you from the curious psychology of fashion and learn to love beautiful textiles, original designs, unique and unusual accessories for what they are and what they mean to you. We believe that the key to overcoming fashion fears and faux pas is to invest in timeless style.

Rather than embracing the cult of the fashion follower and wearing what’s dictated by the media and by seasonal trends, we’ve come up with a refreshingly alternative approach.
Timeless style is about so much more than media-led fashion and trends, so why not forget the ‘f’ word and wear whatever feels right for you. It’s far more sensible to invest in your own style and buy unique pieces that reflect your personality.

At ShopCurious, we believe that ‘style with brains’ is about being confident in your own skin, trusting your intuition, respecting your individuality and personal preferences:

Six secrets of timeless style:

1)    Forget the ‘f’ word. Fashion comes and goes, but timeless style remains;
2)    Consider your budget – buying a few well made and cleverly cut investment pieces is usually a more sensible option than lots of cheaper high street items that quickly go out of fashion and are generally less hard-wearing;
3)    Be practical – consider your job, or the occasion and how often you will actually wear or use an item;
4)    Choose clothes and accessories that reflect YOUR personality and that make YOU feel comfortable;
5)    Mix and match vintage and modern clothing and accessories to create your own unique look;
6)    Don’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks – what you wear is entirely up to you - your personal style is timeless.

Finally, we all like to make an impression, but looking good is also about walking tall, smiling, and being polite and courteous to others. Having something interesting to say is also useful. These are all completely free of charge!